Classic and Antique Vehicle Appraisal

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You don’t have to be behind the wheel to get involved in an accident.

During a classic car parade the driver of a not so classic Lexus GS lost control of the car and crashed into some classic cars.  This brought the classic car parade to a screeching halt.  There were probably some heated words exchanged after the crash.

TLC Appraisal is an independent professional company specializes in the evaluation of vehicles and motorcycles for Insurance and Ontario Retail Sales Tax purposes.  Our appraisals are recognized throughout the classic and antique insurance industry.

The appraisal report is emailed directly to your insurance company.  You will receive a DVD with a copy of all the documentation sent to the insurance company, plus additional pictures taken during the inspection and all the research used to determine the valuation.  Our mobile service and flexible hours take the hassle out of the appraisal process.

TLC Appraisal is recognized by insures of antique and classic vehicles, street rods, and motorcycles for its quality reports.  We are also registered with the Ministry of Finance to complete Sales Tax Appraisals. TLC Appraisal do assist in the purchase of a vehicle by during a pre-purchase inspection.  The level of this inspection can  vary from a walk around visual inspection and test drive, to a raising the of vehicle and doing a close up inspection of the suspension, frame and under side of the vehicle.

We have also assisted with arranging transportation of your vehicles, whether it be in town, across the country, or internationally.

TLC Appraisal Services:

Ajax,  Aurora,  Brooklin, Bowmanville, Courtice,  Durham,  Markham,  Newmarket, North York,  Oshawa,  Pickering,  Scarborough,  Stouffville,  Toronto, Richmond Hill, Uxbridge, Whitby

What is involved in an appraisal?

A visit from our appraiser to verify the VIN on the vehicle and ownership match, taking approximately 30 pictures depicting the condition of the vehicle.  The appraiser will make in-depth notes reviewing all aspects of the vehicle.  Upon completion of the inspection the appraiser will discuss any special features that are not visible.

To conclude the on site portion, the appraiser will review how he arrived at the valuation of the vehicle.

The appraiser will write a comprehensive report describing the vehicle and its condition in great detail.  The appraisal report and required pictures will be emailed to your insurance company.  You will receive the same email as the insurance company plus a DVD with all of the research, documentation and pictures related to the appraisal.    

Protecting Your Investment

Some insurance companies are no longer requiring an independent appraisal report to establish the value of the vehicle.  This is called an "Agree Valued Coverage".  This practice places the responsibility on the vehicle owner to ensure that they have a current appraisal report.

In the event of a total loss claim the insurance company may request a copy of a current insurance appraisal to confirm the value of the vehicle.

One of my clients purchased a classic vehicle and did not get it appraised for the insurance company nor for their own records.  During the course of the summer the vehicle was involved in a total loss accident.  The insurance company requested a copy of the current appraisal report to confirm the value of the vehicle.  The owner did not have a current appraisal report and contacted the previous owner to see if he had a report that could be shown to the insurance company.  The previous owner did have an old appraisal prior to the installation of the new convertible top and new paint.  The report DID NOT reflect the current value of the vehicle.

An appraisal report is the only way to confirm the value of the vehicle.  As an owner of a classic vehicle I do not get it appraised every year, however I do make sure that I get an independent appraisal every 3 to 5 years, just for my own peace of mind.

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